Peyman dental clinic

Providing all types of dentistry services from general treatments to specialized treatments.

Peyman dental clinic was founded in the spring of 1396 by Dr. Peyman Kanz and Dr. Peyman Qoran nevis. The founders of this clinic have given their best effort to provide the high-quality dental services and treatments. The most innovative treatments, the best equipment and the most well-known dentists are present at out clinic.

Goals, outlook and the performance of Peyman dental clinic

Peyman dental clinic

Having high morals, being responsible, abiding the law, respecting patients’ rights, the desire to provide the best services possible and having discipline are the main values of our clinic.

In order to reach our goals, and an optimistic view of a stellar future, full of health and the smile of all citizens, we welcome all suggestions, critiques and solutions.

Peyman dental clinic is dedicated to making the best effort to provide and maintain the well-being of people in an ambient environment.

In order to succeed this mission, our organization participates in various seminars to achieve adequate levels of knowledge and science by regional and international standards, and also provide better services. The best dentistry specialists are gathered here to provide high-quality treatments and services. Keeping our patients satisfied and receiving constructive feedbacks is crucial to our clinic.

Why Peyman dental clinic?

Qualities that make our dentistry clinic stand out from others.

Free routine checkups

Free checkups are provided for patients who have records in our clinic. After the first checkup, a dental record is made for you and you can enjoy our numerous free dental services. Our main goal is to gain your approval.

Specialized areas for different age groups

This dental clinic has various specialized departments for implant surgeries, periodontal surgeries and wisdom teeth removal. Also, there is an exclusive department dedicated to pediatric dentistry. Our clinic’s environment is as high quality as our dental services.

International patients

Our services are provided in many languages (Farsi, Turkish, English and …) for both Iranian and foreign patients. The admission staff and also the dentists, have passed the appropriate language courses.

The best dentists

The most prominent and reputable dental specialist in Tehran, are providing high quality services and dental care for our esteemed patients. Our experienced dentists arrange the best dental care for patients.

A professional IT and computer team

A team of highly skilled computer and social media engineers provide online services for our clients in order to facilitate communication for both parties. The clinic’s IT team offers you the easiest ways to reach our services.

Clinic’s virtual tour

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