Dental implant

Getting dental implants for one tooth or multiple teeth, and also full mouth implants

Dental prosthesis and implants, are artificial teeth that are used when a tooth is lost or broken. Also if there is a problem with how teeth function or in cases of incorrect speech and sometimes for cosmetic purposes, prosthesis and implants are utilized.  Furthermore, when a tooth is lost, other teeth and their positions in the jaw may be affected. Fixed prosthodontics refers to cases in which the prosthesis is permanently attached to teeth. Fixed prosthodontics include dental crowns, bridge and etc. crown is a cap that fits over a trimmed tooth. A bridge is fixed over a nearby tooth and includes multiple crowns. Removable prosthodontics include multiple substitute teeth that are attached to a gum-like plastic base. This removable prosthesis is connected to the natural teeth by metal holders.

Prosthodontics and dental implant cases

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